Island Clean Air


The Duster 3000 DOWNDRAFT is a mobile prep station. It is designed and engineered to remove harmful airborne contaminants such as dust when sanding old paint and Bondo. It will also
capture welding smoke and toxic fumes.

Save and Make You Money!

Energy Savings:
The airflow from the machine brings down the hot air trapped at ceiling level back down to floor level. Less fuel costs are realized in winter and airconditioning costs are reduced in summer. The machine operates on 240 volt standard power and draws only 12 amps. Energy consumption on continuous operation is very minimal.

The cleaner the shop, the cleaner the customers finished product. The machine reduces labour costs in clean up, fewer redos by preventing overspray and dust from landing on other vehicles, less time spent on final detailing of customers vehicle. A clean shop leaves customers with a positive impression that their vehicle will be returned to them clean and dust free.

Return On Investment (ROI):
Return on equipment investment may be shorter than the normal 18 - 24 months. With the machines small foot print of only 0.6 sqm the Duster 3000 DOWNDRAFT can easily be moved around to where work is needed and you'll no longer tie up the booth for doing preparation work. This will speed up production on the shop floor enabling you to prep vehicles quicker and cleaner and improves your profit margin by making better use of your shops fixed shop floor space.

Four Stage Filtration.
Each of the four (4) stage OEM filters is specifically designed and manufactured for maximum filtration to calibrated velocities enabling capture of harmful airborne particulates as small as 3 microns, including toxic fumes and vapors.


Spray Booths, Preparation Areas & Mixing Rooms

Duster 3000 Downdraft
Duster 3000 Downdraft